Raiders from the Sea


By Lois Walfrid Johnson

Brianna O’Toole lives on the Irish countryside with her family. However, Bree is not at peace, she dreams of adventure and travel. But she never dreamed of how travel would come to her. In one frightful day, all that Bree ever new is taken from her. Viking raiders from across the sea attack, taking many Irish people captive, including Bree and her brother Devin. On a ship headed away from home, at the mercy of Mikkel, a haughty, proud, young, Viking leader, Bree struggles to put her trust in God.

How can Bree and Devin bring hope to the people around them? How can they keep their eyes on God when the future looms dark and uncertain? Can they find to courage to win in the struggles ahead of them?

Raiders from the Sea in the first book in Lois Johnson’s Viking Quest Series. Bree’s story is encouraging and engaging as she struggles to find courage in the darkest times and be a light to the people around her.


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