By Cornelia Funke

Her father’s words make things come to life from between the covers of a book, to stand right before you. However, the words of his tongue also take things away. Often the things they take away are loved and the things they bring into your world are evil and dangerous.

Meggie’s life has always been abnormal. Her father’s trade of bookbinding requires continuous travels from client to client, never letting her settle. But if she ever wished for normality, it was in vain. Soon after a visit from someone from her father’s past, her life becomes another rollercoaster of adventure.

An evil man, Capricorn, hunts for the last copies of the book, InkHeart, from which he came many years before. He is also hunting for the Silvertongue who brought him from between its covers. Betrayed, Meggie’s father is taken by Capricorn. Meggie, Elinor the book lover, and the homesick Dustfinger set out to find her father and save the last copy of InkHeart. The pain of the past, fear of what may happen, and the longing for a home long lost, hinder the characters on their conquest. Meggie faces the dangers of being hunted, Capricorns evil, the fear of losing her father, imprisonment and seems to her that her life has become a fairytale.

I enjoyed the story of Meggie and her friends. InkHeart is full of magic and imagination. Meggie’s father’s ability to read is not itself evil. It is used, accidentally or intentionally, to bring evil from the books. However, I really love the creativity of the story and found it very entertaining.


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