Johnny Tremain



By Ester Forbes

Johnny is a silversmith’s apprentice. He loves his trade and works it incredibly well. He knows that his work is promising and bosses around the other apprentices. However, all within a couple moments, Johnny’s world is shattered, by a terrible accident that cripples his right hand.

Alone, unable to work, with his future lying ahead in broken pieces, Johnny faces the world outside the silversmiths. Boston is a pot of water coming to a boil, ready to bubble over. The cry for liberty is going up and the people are coming together. Something is going to happen. Johnny finds himself with a new dream and a new desire. Will he find his place and stand his ground in the fight for freedom?

I loved Johnny Tremain. The story is tactfully written. Forbes does a good job of expressing Johnny’s pain and frustration and the colonists strong desire for Liberty. This book gives you a taste of Boston in the year 1773. What it may have been like to be there on the ships and participate in the Boston Tea Party. To listen to those great men of the war and feel the desire for freedom run through your veins. I highly recommend this book!!!


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