Who Is God?

In my life, I have often asked myself these questions. Who is God? What does he mean to me? Do I actually know him, the way I would know an intimate friend?

Do you know God? Think about it.

God is the one who I am always striving to trust with my whole heart. He is the one who loves me unconditionally. He is the one thing in this crazy world that gives me peace. But most precious to me is the knowledge that he an enduring and everlasting friend. He is always there to talk with. Always there to listen to my thoughts.

Is God someone you take the time to talk to? Do you want to hear his voice?

God is someone who loves, unconditionally. He is never ending and unimaginably wise. He brings comfort and encouragement. He is a friend like no other and there is always something new to learn about him. Most importantly, he wants to know me. He treasures me as a daughter and wants me as a friend. How can I not want to know a God who loves me so?

Who is God to you? He loves you, He cares for you and He wants to hear your voice.






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