The Sherwood Ring



By Elizabeth Marie Pope

After the death of her father, Peggy Grahame, moves to live with her uncle Enos. The family’s ancestral home is a mysterious and lonely place to Peggy. Her Uncle remains secluded and aloof. There are few maids to talk with and after her Uncle had driven Pat, her one acquaintance, from the house, she seems to be alone. However, Peggy soon finds out that she is not as alone as she believed herself to be. The Rest-and-be-Thankful is full of ghosts.

Peggy finds herself caught up in the past of her ancestors. As they unfold the story of the family, Peggy begins to learn something about the present. Is there more than just a disliking between Uncle Enos and Pat? Could she possibly find true love?

The Sherwood Ring is an enchanting and mysterious story, full of excitement and romance. There are ghosts in this story. However, they are all exceedingly friendly and not in the least creepy. They appear and disappear at intervals, but while present, talk and act like people. The overall plot and unfolding history are very engaging. I really enjoyed this book.



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