Banner in the Sky


By James Ramsey Ullman


The Citadel soars upwards into the sky. Its peak is nestled among clouds. The unconquered mountain is Rudi Matts dream. Rudi has alway dreamt of climbing the icy slopes of the Citadel. It’s massive, terrible, splendour has always made him catch his breath. The people of the Alps say that it cannot be climbed. However, one man thought otherwise. Joseph Matt believed that the Citadel could be conquered. It was while pursuing this belief, that he lost his life. But, his son still believes that the slopes could be climbed and just like his father, dreams of reaching the summit.

There seems to be little hope for Rudi ever climbing the Citadel. Every moment he spends on its lower slope is stolen from his hours in the hotel kitchen. His family will not let him go. But, the Citadel still calls to him. Is there hope for Rudi? Will he overcome all odds to reach the top? Can he conquer the dangers of the mountain? Is there anything worth giving up this dream?


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