By Kathryn Lasky

When her father’s castle is attacked, her mother murdered, and her home destroyed, Matty’s world is shaken. However, she finds peace for herself among her father’s hawks. Each one is unique and special in their own way. As Matty’s bond with the hawks deepens, she begins to speak to them. Using their own tongue and in return understanding their voices.

However, the countryside has been thrown into disarray. Under the tyranny of Prince John, Sir Guy Gisborne, and the Sheriff, the people are poor and starving. Matty begins to work with her best friend Fynn and some of his companions, to help the people survive.

I enjoyed this version of the classic Robin Hood. The story follows the basics of the classic and yet is so much of its own story. Matty has an odd ability to communicate and get inside the heads of her hawks. Also at one point in the story, Matty spirit is intertwined with that of one of her hawks. Though these things are odd, they do add to the mystery and creativity of this story.


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