My Side of the Mountain


By Jean Craighead George

Life in New York is not for Sam Gribley. The young boy chooses to run away and live in the Catskill Mountains, where an ancestor of his had a farm. In the Catskills, Sam makes his home among the wildlife and learns the way of the mountains. However, survival is not easy. Sam must learn to use the land for his food and shelter. Winter is coming and he is determined to weather it in the mountains.

As Sam learns about the mountain world, he also learns what it means to be independent and intuitive. He learns to trap deer, dig for roots, and catch fish. He climbs a rock face, taking a peregrine chick from its mother’s nest, to raise himself as a companion. Frightful becomes Sam’s closest friend. He loves his quiet home, without any contact from people. Is it even possible that he could grow to miss his family and the people of this world? Or will he be content to stay with Frightful in the mountains forever?

This is a charming story about a boy and his bird and their love for the mountain they call home.


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