Trusting God

God works in ways I will never comprehend and honestly, I think He likes it that way. He seems to always have everything figured out. I have, so often, wished that God wasn’t so mysterious. That He would just tell me what he was planning to do or how He was going to fix the problem. Sometimes He does, but most of the time He just wants me to trust Him.

In my opinion, the hardest part of a relationship is trusting the other person. Whether you are trusting them with a secret, trusting them not to laugh, trusting them not to reject or turn their back on you. Trusting in someone else is hard to do. I personally do not find it easy to trust other people. Trusting is hard, but so important. In order to be friends with someone, you have to trust them. God is always asking us to trust him. He is your friend, He loves you, and wants to help.

In every part of life, I have always found that though His way may look plain out wrong, there is always a reason and purpose. God is always looking out for you, but it takes trust to let Him take control. It seems to be way easier to depend on your own human abilities. However, your abilities are momentary, weak, and limited. His are eternal. Your own strength will give way, but His strength never dies.

Do you trust God? Do you trust Him to take you through the problems of life? Can you let go of fear and let him lead you?

I believe that it is always easier when you do.



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