The Call of the Wild


by Jack London

Buck’s life had always had a simple rhythm. His domain has always been consistent. He has always known what to expect. But suddenly, Buck finds that his life has been turned upside down. He has been sold from his sun-kissed life in Santa Clara valley and is headed to the harsh Arctic and the life of a sled dog. The Arctic is cold and the trail is rough. Buck soon learns that the dogs of this wilderness are as wild and ferocious as the land. The team runs like a machine, pulls hard, works together, but each team has its leader and obtaining dominance often leads to death. There is much danger ahead, but Buck can feel his primeval instincts awakening in him, like a call from his past.

This is a wild tale of a dog that never will give up. The dogs do get into fights the details of which are rather violent and though mentioned, they are not dwelt upon. Overall, I enjoyed this book. I like the picture that The Call of the Wild gives of what it may have been like to travel on the trails of the Canadian Wilderness.


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