For me dreams are precious. However, I have always had trouble believing in my them for fear that they might never happen. For a lot of people, it is hard to believe in your dreams. Why believe in something that uncertain? Why pursue what seems to be impossible? Why would I even think about my dreams? I have definitely asked these questions of myself. However, have you ever asked them of God?

God loves dreams, he creates dreams, and he gives dreams to his people . Have you ever talked to God about your dreams? Have you ever asked him if a dream is from him? Not all dreams are from Him, many dreams are not meant to be.

Have you ever dreamt of something and been so sure that it would become reality? You get closer and closer to your dream and then suddenly it is snatched from your fingers. Have you ever longed for something so deeply, yet known inside that it could never happen? I have.

Something that I try to remember is that God-given dreams happen in God’s timing. Just because a dream didn’t come to pass when you thought it would, doesn’t mean it isn’t from God and it doesn’t mean it never will happen. I find that the worst thing you can do is give up on dreams and the best thing you can do is trust them with the creator of the universe. Let go, let Him take control, and let Him lead you to the dreams that are meant to be.


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