Dragon’s Gate


By Laurence Yep

All his life Otter has lived in the shadow of is Uncles dreams and just like his father would follow him to the end. However, the time is coming when Otter will realize that his uncle is not the amazing man he is thought to be and that life in America is very different from all that he thought.

In the year 1867, Otter leaves the Middle Kingdom bound for America. His hope is to help his father and uncle in their great work. However, California is much different that he expected. The mountains are cold, rough and covered with thick snow. They work in ground, tunneling to make a path for the Americans trains. The Chinese people are treated poorly and paid less than the American workers. Otter astonished by his father and uncles demoted position finds himself questioning their leadership and decisions on their small team or workers. Can he still bring hope and a future to the people in the Middle Kingdom?

Dragons Gate tells the story of a young boy who after having his dreams and beliefs mislead and crushed, struggles to hold on to the hope of a better future for his people.


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