The Ravenmaster’s Secret


By Elvira Woodruff

Forrest has lived his all his life in the shadow of the Tower of London. He and his raven love to look through his old spy glass and pretend that adventure is on the way. Forrest has always dreamt of a life outside of the castle and a chance to prove his courage. However, there is no time for such games in his work filled life.

When a group of Scottish rebels is captured and brought to the tower, Forrest hopes that something exciting might happen. But he is soon to be disappointed when he finds that the prisoner entrusted to his father is a young girl.

But Maddy is not as pathetic as she could be thought to be. She is a ferocious, noble, and strong Scottish girl. Through the few times that Forrest sees her, he begins to realize that he has come to think of her as a friend. When she is sentenced to be executed, Forrest takes it upon himself to help her escape from the tower.

The Ravenmaster’s Secret tells a story of the choice between right and wrong and the fight between courage and fear. Forrest must choose between the family he loves and the friend he cares about. He finds that courage is not about being fearless, but about being brave when you are afraid.


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