Traveling Light


By Max Lucado

We all carry a burden, some burdens we choose to heave onto our shoulders, and others we drag along without being completely aware of their presence. However, we can usually feel the weight. We might not know what it is the pulls on us, but we are conscious that it is heavy.

Using the twenty-third Psalm Max Lucado shows what burdens, you might be carrying, loads that you were never intended to bear. In eighteen chapters he identifies some of the burdens that we unknowingly carry with us. Each one is connected to a portion of the Twenty-third Psalm. Showing what God intended for you and that he wants you to let him lighten your load and trust in him.

To me, this book was an inspiration and revelation. Max Lucado’s word and opinions are simplistic and refreshing. The book also contains a study guide for each chapter. Although I haven’t used the study guide personally, I would think, after reading the book, that it would be very interesting.


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