My name is Hayley Plaisted

When I was little I dreamt of being a ballet dancer. It is something that God has blessed me with. I still have my tiny ballet shoes from when I was three years old and I took my first class. Since that day I have never stopped dancing.

Something else I have loved all my life is reading and of course writing. I have always loved to see words on paper unfold. To create a story gives me great pleasure.

Recently, my mother gave me the idea of putting my love of writing to some use. I hope that through this blog I can make a difference in people’s lives, by sharing my heart, my struggles, and my love for the God who guides me. By writing book reviews I hope to encourage other teens to read. Honestly, there is no better way to learn, than through literature. In future, by becoming an affiliate, I hope to help support my expensive passion for ballet.

God Bless!